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Red Wines


“C” Major (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Oak and tannins, pepper and spice combine to enhance trademark blackcurrant and cherry flavors.


Notes of ripe red and blackberries and a hint of baking spice.

Mezza Luna

Rich, round, soft and fruity, Dolcetto has distinctive flavors of licorice, blackberry, and almond. Deep ruby and purple color and intriguing aromatics of blackberry, plum, and spice. 


Large and robust wine. It is rich in luxurious flavors of dark plum and chocolate create the nose, while hints of blackberries, toasted oak, and spices are found on the palate of this great classic

Pinot Noir

Black cherry and raspberry with herbs. Dark spice, and earthy notes. Silky texture and balanced acidity make this a very food-friendly red wine.

Red Devil

Dark purple color, notes of blackberry jam, creamy vanilla aromas and a touch of tobacco. The finish is long and fruit-filled, with the perfect amount of toasty oak.


Gorgeous ruby red in color, this is a medium-bodied wine, with berry, plum and herbal notes running to a lush finish of tobacco, leather, and vanilla.


White Wines

A celebration of opulent fruit and vanilla-oak, full-bodied flavor. Full, supple, buttery and fruity, this golden wine delivers from start to clean, lingering finish.

Dolce Fiore (Moscato)

Lush, fruity, and delightfully sweet with juicy peach and tropical fruit flavors.


Deeply colored and opulently aromatic, with an unmistakably flowery perfume and flavors of lychees and roses. Crisp, lush, and refreshing.

Pinot Grigio

bright, crisp, dry white wine with a gentle perfume and a detectable spiciness. Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavors include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds.

Sauvignon Blanc

The flavor is full and dry, with a fruity, herbaceous character, which finishes crisp and clean. A versatile wine which handles a wide range of herbs, spices and flavorings.


A delicate yellow color, tinged with the variety’s typical ‘green-gold’ hue, it bursts out of the glass with apricot, peach and spice aromas and a surprisingly dry and aromatic finish.



Experience the tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants to round out a truly flavorful experience.


Sweet and citrusy notes of juicy blood orange and ripe peach blend with crisp apple undertones for the perfect summer wine - fruity, refreshing and easy drinking.

Copper Tiger

This refreshing blush wine presents all the characteristics of a slice of fresh watermelon. Balancing thirst-quenching crispness with juicy sweetness.


Taste blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries, with an exquisite balance of refreshing fruit and acidity of a juicy Shiraz.

Fuzzy Blossom

 Delicious peach and apricot flavors are blended with white wine variety for a thirst-quenching delight.

Ghost Berry

White Cranberry Pinot Gris bursts with the sweetness that has made White Cranberry a unique and popular flavor in juice.


Clean, cool and crisp natural green apple flavor, slight acidity & firm character from Riesling grape.


Experience the exciting combination of freshly picked blueberries with a delicate touch of tannins and structure.

Mom’s Apple Pie (Seasonal)

This is our special holiday wine. The flavor sensation of biting into a crisp, crunchy green apple, with fresh ground cinnamon, allspice, and nutmeg. We serve it warm with a rimming of caramel and graham cracker crust!

Pom Pom

The Pomegranate’s earthy, rich juice balances with Zinfandel’s spicy, robust grapes creating a delicate spicy sweetness.

Red Dragon

This blush wine has been given some fire of excitement with the addition of sweet dragon fruit then gently splashed with tangy cool raspberries.


Fresh & lively, pleasant sweetness, strawberry notes, tangy acidity, crisp & delicate finish.

Turtle Bay

A fantastic pairing of the natural berry and plum flavors of White Zinfandel with a host of luscious fruits including blackberry, strawberry, passionfruit, and blackcurrant.

Fruit Wines


Dessert Wines

Typical of medium roast coffee, aromas of toffee, burnt marshmallow, and chocolate will entice you and follow through to a palate which finishes with lingering notes of vanilla.

Black Forest

Bursting with rich aromas of red and dark cherry, this full-flavored dessert wine style also has a hint of dark chocolate fused with plum and toasted oak on the nose.


Ruby red with aromas of dark chocolate and coffee blended with ripe, juicy raspberry jam. Sweet with nuances of cocoa powder and coffee balance perfectly with hints of tangy acidity from the raspberry.


Intensely creamy and pleasantly sweet, this full-bodied dessert wine combines rich caramel aroma with the robust flavors of red fruit.


Rich flavors of dry dark cocoa mingle with sweet raspberry in this wonderful Ruby port.


Honey-colored, sweet, and creamy. This decadent dessert wine boasts a rich, fruity nose with hints of toasted hazelnut and vanilla on the palate. Perfectly balanced by velvety smooth white chocolate.


This full-bodied dessert wine features aromas of caramel, vanilla pods, and raisins with a subtle toasty character, like that of crème brûlée on the palate.

Solstice (Seasonal Ice Wine)

Prized as a unique sweet wine specialty, our Ice-wine – based on Riesling grapes – will surprise you with its body and complexity.


REDS: $21.99/bottle                       WHITES $19.49/bottle

FRUIT $17.49/bottle                        DESSERT $26.99/bottle

ICE WINE $22.99/bottle.                CLEARANCE $8/bottle

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